Interactive Presentations with Open-Sankore

Publicado el viernes, 3 de mayo de 2013

If you only look at the the status of the documentation (especially in English), you would never guess how hard the people at Open Sankoré have been working. They have just released version 2.1 and after playing around with it for a bit, I have decided to give it a first try in a real course setting.

What it is

Open Sankoré is a free and open source Interactive White Board software. As far as I have found there are no other FOSS alternatives that cover the same functionality. If your are working in primary education (K12 in the USA), there are many interactive examples available. In my case I have prepared the entire presentation elsewhere and exported to PDF. I then import the entire PDF to Open Sankoré and have the starting point for the presentation.

Anything you do will be saved automatically with a date stamp. So there is no way to “forget to save” to take the notes and corrections home that you made during the lecture.

Keyboard Shortcuts

There is no reason to feel left out if you speak anything other than French. The francophone versions of the manual and other documentation are not up to date yet. And if you are looking for a fun writing project, then here is a project that you can really put a mark on and help many educators out there.

One thing I would like to add for reference are the keyboard shortcuts. You will need them if you want to add basic functionality to your Wacom (or other) tablet, so that you can work faster while giving the presentation or lecture. Through basic trial and error (and I still miss a couple, so do let me know if you have found more), I have found:

ctrl-g – Change to Pointer

ctrl-j – Change to Line

ctrl-k – Change to Write (text – box)

ctrl-m – Change to Marker

ctrl-e – Change to Eraser

ctrl-t – Toggle Tools

ctrl-d – Show documents

ctrl-b – Show board

ctrl-w – Show web browser (the open sankore browser)

ctrl-, – Show preferences

ctrl-o – Zoom Out

ctrl-0 Zoom to 100% (that is a zero)

ctrl-i – Change to Pen