Hi there!

Hi! My name is Frans van Dunné, and I spend most of my time learning, teaching, writing code and prose and developing my entrepreneurial skills. I grew into data science and data engineering, starting from a background in science (tropical ecology). And to this day, being able to work on understanding a question or need, and building from intuitions to validated knowledge in a methodological - scientific - way continues to be fun.

The amount and quality of tools and methods available today for any person with an interest or need to solve something or optimize a process with data is astounding. To me the development of the open source community is one of the great collective achievements of the past decades. I started out learning Perl to write randomization tests, and since then I have been an active user of language like R and Python for many years, and look forward to learning new languages that will be relevant in the data science space like Rust.

Currently I'm Chief Data Officer at ixpantia. This is a place where I can make use of a diverse skill-set, that includes business analysis, data analysis and enterprise architecture, with more than 15 years of experience to help organizations respond to their data driven innovation needs quickly and effectively. I have a PhD in biology from the University of Amsterdam and have taught at universities in Europe and Latin America. As a consultant I've had the good fortune to work with companies around the world on diverse topics, including data driven innovation, applied statistics, statistical programming and machine learning.

I hope you find something of use on these pages. If there is something you liked, or some correction you would like me to make let me know. The easiest way to contact me is through my @fransvandunne handle on Twitter or my LinkedIn profile.

these are some of the main points of reference: