Establishment and development of epiphytes in secondary neotropical forests

VanDunné, H.J.F. 2001.

Epiphytes in secondary tropical rain forests.

PhD thesis, Universiteit van Amsterdam. 123 pp.

Chapter 1.

General introduction.

Chapter 2.

Epiphyte distribution in a secondary cloud forest vegetation; a case study of the application of GIS in epiphyte ecology
With Maaike Bader & John Stuiver (Ecotropica)

Chapter 3.

Effects of the spatial distribution of trees, conspecific epiphytes and geomorphology on the distribution of epiphytic bromeliads in a secondary montane forest (Cordillera Central, Colombia)
(Journal of Tropical Ecology).

Chapter 4.

Development of ant gardens in secondary forests in the Colombian Amazon
With Veronica Mora

Chapter 5.

Spatio-temporal variation in bryophyte abundance on Oenocarpus Bataua, Araracuara, Colombia.
With Maria Paula Balcazar and Maribel Pinzón

Chapter 6.

Development of epiphytic bryophyte and lichen vegetation on plantation coffee trees
With Jan H.D. Wolf

Chapter 7.